Hipster Hop Coming Your Way in May!

The EP Release for Channeling Grey (the long-awaited Hip Hop Project) a collaboration with DJ Rickerd and Showtime is Sunday, May 31 at Plum's Neighborhood Bar in St Paul. Doors open @ 7. $10 ticket/EP... 

 In the meantime, here are a few selections from the Americana Catalog:
and let the fun begin...

Sasha Mercedes is a vocal powerhouse. She writes and performs music that will make you think, break your heart and kick you in the gut all at once… leaving you gasping for air and begging for more. She writes songs whose honesty and substance are easy to relate to and she sings them with passion and conviction, which make her performances nothing short of riveting.

Originally hailing from the shores of Lake Superior, she now calls Minneapolis/St. Paul home. She has traveled from coast to coast and abroad, performing and drawing inspiration out of every experience, which make for the material in her brilliantly crafted compositions. She has shared the stage with Dar Williams, Tracy Bonham, Guy Davis, Pete Seeger, and many others as she wanders... making new friends and fans along her colorful journey.

Mercedes has released 6 solo albums, and is currently in the pre-production stages of her next release. This is a doozy- but it is a hip hop/pop/electronic delight that shows how Mercedes' music can be cross-platformed to fit into just about any genre.  These surprisingly tasty and refreshing sonic morsels can be yours May 31. Stay tuned for little audio teases and more info as the project unfolds... Soundcloud me. 

The new acoustic EP, Painful Part of Love is out and ready for you to get your hands on! Right now, the only place to get it is at the live shows but it will be available for digital distribution before long. The cd was recorded live in one day, mixed and mastered over the course of the next two days, and all of the art was created by drummer, DJ Rickerd. The discs were self replicated and packaged, making for an eco-friendly and honest finished product. Copies are only $5. Come and get one!

Also hot off the press is the brand new solo acoustic, full-length album! 20 tracks of stories and songs with just Mercedes and her Martin... This is what the fans have been asking for but the cd is only available at live shows so get up and get out to see some live, local music!